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Many people have hearing problems but are too embarrassed to admit it. County Hearing Aid Centre, based in Kettering has been providing a top class service to the hard of hearing since 1984. As a well established, family owned business we have been successfully providing hearing aids and hearing solutions to many clients with hearing problems in Kettering Northampton and the surrounding areas: Bedford, Corby, Wellingborough and Market Harborough.

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We provide a full top level of service from the initial hearing assessment, to fittings and aftercare. We consider every aspect of our clients needs and recommend the most beneficial hearing aid based on how impaired your hearing may be, whilst also considering cosmetics and budget, we are glad to provide hearing aid prices to suit everyone.

Phonak Hearing Aids Corby

As independent hearing aid specialists we are able to provide any make or model and stock a wide range of our most popular brand Phonak.

We would be delighted to see you to discuss the benefits of our product range and services, and can offer on a trial basis, one of the latest Phonak digital hearing aids. Visit our friendly and inviting centre for a full assessment of your hearing and discover how digital technology can improve your life.

For a quick informal chat, please don’t hesitate to call us using the number found on top of this page, or alternatively you can fill out the short contact form found to the right and we will promise to get back to you within 24 hours. Don’t forget we offer a free no obligation consultation and will always make you feel comfortable no matter what.

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